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For 20 years, Blue Mountain Services Ltd. has provided the Barnaby, BC area and beyond with premier plumbing and heating services. Our knowledgeable team members know how to get the job done efficiently and on budget, giving you peace of mind to sit back and let us handle any drainage issues you run into. We’re experts in perimeter drainage, drainage line installation, as well as a full range of drainage tile services. Whether you need drain tile repair, replacement, installation, or cleaning services, we would be more than happy to help. If there’s a problem with your drainage system, contact our team right away for quick and reliable drain tile cleanouts and other necessary drain tile services.


What Are Drain Tiles?

Drain tiles are one part of your home’s underground drainage system. They are a system that’s installed around the perimeter of many buildings to collect and effectively channel groundwater away from the lower levels. Though these systems are made to last, many homeowners forget about them, causing the system to go long periods without proper maintenance. When neglected, your building’s drain tiles can experience several problems that cause them not to drain as they should. This can be uneven tiles, which can cause water to leak into the ground, or even tiles that are clogged with dirt and debris. Whatever the issue for your drainage problems, our licensed team has the proper knowledge and equipment to get the job done right.


Determining if It’s a Drain Tile Issue

When you have an obvious drainage issue, drain tiles are frequently to blame. If your basement or crawlspace is showing visible signs of a moisture issue, calling our team is the best thing to do. We will assess the problem and, with your permission, perform a thorough tile inspection to determine what kind of tile system is present and how well it functions. Our inspection will typically involve:

Drain tile
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Drain Tile Cleaning & Repair

If our team of professionals determines there’s a problem with your drainage system, it may call for a drain tile cleanout. This is the best way for our team to get in and remove debris or any other buildup that has accumulated and caused water damage to your space. If the problem has not yet reached a severe state, we’ll quickly perform any necessary repairs to rectify any issues. We will also perform a thorough cleaning so your drainage tiles are left without any dirt or debris that may cause future blockages. No matter the repairs needed, we can help.

Budget-Friendly Replacement & Installation Services

If your current drain tile system is showing signs of old age, is in a noticeable state of disrepair, or you need a new system installed, we can help. When a drainage system surpasses its lifespan, it won’t be able to drain well for long. We can remove your old system and install brand new, fully functioning drain tiles to prevent any drainage issues associated with your drain tiles in the future. Don’t allow faulty or clogged drainage tiles to compromise the integrity of your building’s foundation. The Blue Mountain Services Ltd. team is here to serve the entire lower midland with superior drain tile services. If you want to avoid costly damages associated with drain tile malfunctions, contact your local Burnaby, BC plumbing and heating professionals today!




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