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We had our drain tile replaced hi April this year by Blue Mountain Services and the guys did a fantastic and thorough job. Kyle and his colleague (can’t remember his name) were very professional and I would highly recommend them if you are considering having your drain tile inspected or repaired. By replacing the drain tile I am certain we have saved ourselves from a huge headache/expensive water damage repairs down the road.

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HR Manager, WeServe LLC.

Response and quote for hot water tank replacement was prompt and professional. Work was scheduled quickly. Technicians showed up on time and completed work as indicated. Very happy with overall service provided.


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We’ve been using them for years to service our townhouse complex for plumbing and a few other maintenance needs. They’re reliable, knowledgeable and always handle our homes with care. We can always count on them.


Satisfied Customer

Called when my main guy wasn’t available. They arrived when they said they would and fixed the leaking pipe going to our hot water tank. They put up with my questions and explained why the pipe was leaking.


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Excellent same-day service and Kyle did an efficient job unblocking our bathroom basins. Everyone at this Company super helpful and highly recommend their services.


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These guys are incredibly professional and amazing to work with!


Satisfied Customer

Great family-run business, always helpful and so professional.


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Hi Paul,I I wish to thank you and your great crew for replacing our main water line. Your crew laid down a sheet and removed the top layer of our turf and placed it on the sheeting before digging the trench – then replaced the turf when they had finished the job. The crew cleaned up after they finished the job. To put more “icing on the cake” Paul said he had come under his estimate and was passing the savings on to us – a 12% saving. I would highly recommend Paul and his crew to anyone who needs work done by an honest, hard working crew.


Satisfied Customer

Bluemountain Services, Thanks for the good service. Your guys showed up on time, were courteous, did a good job and left the place clean. That is all I can ask or hope for. Much appreciated!


Satisfied Customer

Hi Paul, Thank you for sending Russel to inspect my place yesterday. Russel is nice, knowledgeable, and he did a very good job.


Satisfied Customer

Hi Susy, I had a flooding problem a few days ago. After the plumber I normally used did not return my calls, got your number from my brother in law ( you work on his Condo complex) Just a thank you to the individuals you sent out here, they did the job and were really pleasant. Have had so many people coming here in the last few days with this flooding issue, insurance etc that, although I am usually good with names, I have forgotten who is who. So I will just say the plumber was really helpful and checked out what he was supposed to and set me up with an emergency drainage system that I could use until we found what the problem was. The couple of guys you sent out with the camera and the flusher a couple of days later were also helpful, friendly and eliminated some of the concerns I had where this water was coming from. Looks like there is just one possible source, so will work on finding/fixing it. Would not hesitate to call you in the future Thanks again for your prompt and friendly service


Satisfied Customer

Hi Paul Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the service your tradesmen gave us here at the office. As we are in the service business also it is easy to recognize a quality Company. Click here to read more…

Terry Lavangie – Service Manager

Service Manager Totem Appliance & Refrigeration Ltd. 5950 Imperial St Burnaby, BC. Website:

I have used Blue Mountain Servces for some major work at my home-hot water tank, high efficiency furnace and small jobs too. It didn’t matter what kind of job it was, I was always told beforehand what was necessary and what could wait for next time. The boss even came by during some of the jobs to talk to me directly! You really don’t see that around in trades very much.

Antonio Santarossa, Coquitlam

My elderly parents were lucky that I had moved back in to take care of them when their furnace died on them. After wasting time pricing out companies who were advertising ‘deals’ in the Langley area, we called Blue Mountain. The quote they gave us was not only better than everyone else’s, it didn’t change after the job was done. I was worried about who would come to do the job because my mom doesn’t like strangers in the house but the guy was friendly-and patient! The simple-and cheap-thermostat they installed works just fine for my mom unlike the expensive and complicated one everyone else wanted to install.

Maria Robbie, Langley

Blue Mountain Services has been taking care of our home’s plumbing and heating repairs since 1996 – from minor repairs such as leaky pipes / faucets and furnace inspections, to drain tile installation, a hot water tank replacement, and much larger jobs such as a complete bathroom remodel and, recently, work to repair a broken water line. The crews are courteous and very professional. The work is done in a timely fashion and the workmen pay particular attention to leaving the place clean and as close to the original condition as possible. We are thoroughly happy with the work that has been done to date and highly recommend Blue Mountain Services.

Joanna B. (East Vancouver)

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